Our Company offers investors investment opportunities of up to 12% annual rate of return. Returns are paid Monthly or quarterly depending on the investment terms. Contact us for more details.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Permanent Residence of Canada & outside of Ontario (with the exception of Quebec)
  • Full time, Part time and seasonal employment Applicants
  • Pension Applicants without assets- up to $600 Max.
  • Long Term Disability Applicants (Must provide 2 years most recent annual Disability Statements plus 3 Months bank Statement showing deposits.
  • Pension Applicants with Real Estate Asset- up to $4000 Max.
  • Self Employed Applicants (Must provide 6 months bank Statements)
  • Businesses & Corporations (1 year bank Statements from Business bank account plus Most Recent T1 General for Sole proprietorship & 2 years Financial Statements for Corporations).


Who Is Not Eligible?

  • Non Residence of Canada.
  • Residence of Quebec.
  • Anyone under 18 years old.
  • Short term/Temporary Disability Applicants.


  • 2 Most Recent pay stubs.
  • job letter (less than 90 days old)
  • Equifax Report.
  • 3 Months Bank statements.
  • Loan Application.
  • Proof of Address
    (utility or phone bill)
  • Photo ID